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Reefix – Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil with 21 Herbs for Nagging Pains, Backaches and Muscle Cramps


Say goodbye to persistent joint pain, backaches, and muscle cramps with Reefix Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil. Crafted from 21 powerful herbs, this natural solution provides comprehensive pain management, promoting improved joint mobility.

Pack of 3 – 3 x 50 ml (150 ml)

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Experience the soothing power of Reefix Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil crafted from 21 herbs.

Reefix is your go-to solution for persistent joint pain, backaches, and muscle cramps.

  • Alleviates joint pain by reducing inflammation.
  • Promotes better joint mobility, no more stiffness.
  • Manages arthritis-related pain, stiffness, and swelling.
  • Eases lower back pain, improving mobility.
  • Soothes leg pain from sciatica by reducing inflammation.
  • Aids in healing sprains and strains by reducing swelling.
  • Combats joint stiffness, enhancing mobility.
  • Improves shoulder mobility and comfort in frozen shoulder cases.
  • Provides relief from various causes of back pain by addressing inflammation and tension.

Key Ingredients

Khatml, Nirgundi, Tagar, Sunthi, Sigru.


Apply a few drops to the affected area, gently massage, and use as needed for pain relief.

Safety Information

Read the label, store in a cool place, and keep out of children's reach.